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Concept VA 1008


Almac has created its own "concept car", along the lines of the automotive industry. Far more than an exercise in style, the VA 1008 concept machine embodies the ambitions, values and imagination of Almac. A genuine hotbed of ideas, this concept combines the expression of a new generation of machining centres with the sphere of Almac's latest technological advances.

Design & ergonomics

The design of the VA 1008 machining centre gives it extreme flexibility, enabling it to cater for a diverse range of machining applications : watchmaking, jewellery, medical, electronics and others. The excellent 90° accessibility of the highly ergonomic machining area, combined with the compactness of the VA 1008, facilitates the operator's job, both in terms of safety and comfort and access to mechanical parts during setups

Operation automation

The integration of a high-performance 6-axis robot provides the VA 1008 with unbeatable autonomy of movement : loading, unloading, palletising, deburring, buffing, turning over and reloading the machining unit, with a precision of ± 0.03 mm. VA 1008 even offers the possibility of grinding parts.

Tool magazine

The very wide access to the tool magazine helps the operator work efficiently. Again, the extreme flexibility of the VA 1008 machining centre enables it to be fitted with 30, 48, 80 or 100-position tool changers in the machine's standard size.

JIG flexibility

The X, Y and Z axes are stacked to enable the machine to offer a wide range of fixtures.VA 1008 can be fine-tuned to the requirements of the customer and of the workpiece.

Filtration and thermal regulation

The VA 1008 machine is built with a vertical flange interface, providing great flexibility and better swarf management. Also, the concept machine has an elegantly integrated removable tank of heat regulated coolant, as well as a high performance paper belt filtration device; with the sole objective of guaranteeing you flawless machining performance.